Safety Tips


When puppies are under your feet, learn to do the Yorkie-Shuffle.

They are so quick and can easily be injured if stepped on. Do not allow children to run or roughhouse when the puppy is around, they can trip and fall on the puppy causing serious injury.

Have children sit on the floor when holding the puppy; they can wiggle out of the child's arms and fall or jump to the floor.

Be careful when closing doors, slamming a door on them can cause fatal injuries. Put gates between your outside doors and your puppy. They can dart out of a door so quickly. If gates are not an option, get into the habit of picking your puppy up when you open the door.

Have you puppy spay/neutered. This can prevent a variety of health issues including cancer. They also make nicer pets when you don't have to worry about the little girls' heat cycles or the little boys marking.